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Maryland AED Laws
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Maryland Good Samaritan Law

The State of Maryland has enacted a Good Samaritan Law to protect individuals from liability when aiding a victim during an emergency.  The Maryland Good Samaritan Law states the following:

"c. An individual who is not covered otherwise by this section is not civilly liable for any act or omission in providing assistance or medical aid to a victim at the scene of an emergency, if:

1. The assistance or aid is provided in a reasonably prudent manner;

2. The assistance or aid is provided without fee or other compensation; and

3. The individual relinquishes care of the victim when someone who is licensed or certified by this State to provide medical care or services becomes available to take responsibility."

To view the Maryland Good Samaritan Law, CLICK HERE.

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Posted: 3/18/2011 12:36 PM
Forum Index > State Laws & Legislation
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